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Meaghan McTee


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Meaghan McTee is an ambitious, compassionate and driven individual who is motivated to make a positive impact in the lives of others through her work. Her warm-hearted and genuinely caring demeanor is an asset to Novey Law Group and the clients we serve when they turn to us for help with their legal matters.

While she has many traits that make her an exceptional team member, who is a joy to work alongside, her biggest strengths she brings to the practice are her ability to form lasting connections, a strong work ethic that motivates her to work diligently to serve clients, the way she cares for others in a purposeful way and her tendency to build lasting relationships with clients.

Outside of the practice, she is a wife of six years and a mother to two sons. She enjoys attending both professional and youth sporting events, cooking, creating music and exploring during adventures with her family. At the end of the day, if she is laughing or playing, she is happy.

To Meaghan, the Novey Law Group team is like an extended part of her family, and she takes great pride in ensuring clients feel the same way.

Contact Meaghan by email, or phone at 916.226.3773. Schedule a free consultation here.