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Hannah Elizabeth David has been a member of the California Bar Association since 2010. She began her legal career as a Deputy District Attorney in Riverside County where she honed her skills in the courtroom, prosecuting criminal cases on behalf of the people. These early courtroom experiences gave her the confidence and skills necessary to advocate diligently for employee rights in the Worker’s Compensation Legal System.

Hannah has always had a passion for law and for helping people get the rights they deserve. While in college, she worked for both a United States Senator as a liaison for the constituents, and a Social Security Disability Law Firm, representing individuals improperly denied their benefits. During law school, Hannah worked in both a private plaintiff’s firm and was state-certified as Head Law Clerk for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office.

Hannah graduated Magna Cum Laude from Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee where she earned a degree in German, Psychology, and Criminal Justice. Hannah graduated from Pepperdine School of Law where she held the title of National Trial Team Champion in 2010. She was also a leader in several organizations throughout college and law school, as well as a college athlete.

At the heart of every legal challenge is the need to reconcile different points of view. While many cases must be resolved in the court of law, Hannah is also a firm believer in the power of alternative negotiations. She holds a Certificate of Dispute Resolution from the world-renowned Pepperdine Law Straus Institute where she won the CALI Award for negotiation.

As an associate with Novey Law Group, Hannah enjoys taking on new challenges and will work diligently to help fight for the disability rights and benefits of those who have worked hard to earn them.

Contact Hannah by email, or phone at 916.226.3773. Schedule a free consultation here.